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SCCM - Retrieving Computer Model with WMIC and Using WMI

When creating SCCM task sequences to deploy desktops, seperate tasks are often used to apply different device drivers based on the hardware the desktop is being deployed to For this to work we first need to find the model of the computer we want to apply the drivers to Then we require a WMI query based on that computer model, which is

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08/09/2011 · Hi, In the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Imaging Guide page 21 (part of MDT documentation) you have a section "Targeting Drivers to a Specific Computer"

Using WMIC to Find Computer Model for SCCM or MDT

A quick tip that I use quite a bit If you like to query WMI to get the computer model for drivers in MDT or SCCM, one little nagging challenge is getting the exact name of the model in WMI

Find out the Computer’s Model Type from a WMI Query

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27/01/2014 · If you are looking for just a quick list then you can create a ConfigMgr Query in about 2 mins that will have the computer name and Model type

Ultimate SCCM Query Collection List - Top Collection Queries

SCCM: Collection based on Computer Model Query?

Below is a query that you can create to see all the model ids you have on the network Create a Query under Queries not a collection After you have exposed your model ids then you can create collections based on the results of the Query

System Center Configuration Manager: SCCM - WMI

System Center Configuration Manager: SCCM - WMI


WMI Query The following WMI queries can be used as inspiration when working with driveres and other OS Deployment stuff… IMPORTANT : If you copy/paste these queries, you might need to replace the quotes, as they often change format when you copy them from a website

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SCCM Task Sequence Options – Paul Jones Notes from the Field … 28 Jan 2009 … WMI Query for Microsoft Virtual Server 2005: select Model from Win32_ComputerSystem where Model = "Virtual Machine"

SCCM and WMI Query to Find All Laptops and Desktops

SCCM and WMI Query to Find All Laptops and Desktops To install special software on all portable devices of the company it was necessary to build an SCCM collection, which would include all laptops (an other portable mobile systems) in a corporate network

SCCM OSD Task Sequence Variables – A beginners guide

Task sequence variables can be leveraged within an SCCM task sequence to perform conditional branching and execution on SCCM Task Sequence Tasks and Groups, allowing us to execute tasks only on specific computers based on something identifiable about that computer

Collecting custom WMI classes with SCCM – exarch

Collecting custom WMI classes with SCCM athman 2013-07-24 sysadmin In earlier versions of SCCM, customizing your inventory involved hand-coding MOF files and then replacing critical files in your SCCM installation directory with these

SCCM report Query for Computer Manufacturer, Model and

15/07/2013 · SCCM report Query for Computer Manufacturer, Model and total number of machines; Total count for number of machines, SCCM report for machine count; SCCM report query for computer model Venu Singireddy's blog ♦ Design ♦ Develop ♦ Automate ♦ Deploy ♦ Monday, July 15, 2013 SCCM report Query for Computer Manufacturer, Model and total number of machines The following query …

How to retrieve the Lenovo Modelname (Full name) instead

A customer of mine wanted a readable report on the different machine that existed in his country Right now it apears as the typenumber , witch frankly a manager does …

SCCM Query to create collection for x86 and x64 machines

Query based collections allow an administrator to provide any criteria that the SCCM database may hold about systems, and automatically make those systems a member of that collection To group all the x64 devices to one collection use the below query

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V_CM_RES_COLL_ ——> Member Class name / Machine details of that collection Download Reference -SCCM 2007 SQL Views SCCM 2007 List of views from Technet Download ConfigMgr2012R2_SQLViews SCCM 2012 List of views from Technet

wmi - SCCM Global Condition WQL Query Type Mismatch

I would personally use a powershell script for this rather than a WQL query My powershell would pretty much do exactly the same thing as the WQL you are doing (even querying the same WMI Class) but it would work using a booleean eg

WMI List of WMIC CSProduct Get Name Results for SCCM | …

WMI List of WMIC CSProduct Get Name Results for SCCM This page (sorted by Vendor and Model number) shows the results of running the WMIC CSProduct Get Name command from a Command Prompt to retrieve the model name from WMI

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List of WMIC CSProduct Get Name Results This page (sorted by Vendor and Model number) shows the results of running the WMIC CSProduct Get Name command from a Command Prompt to retrieve the model name from WMI

SCCM Reports ( SCCM SQL Queries) | SCCM - mssccm

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SCCM 2007- Query for machines that do not have a TPM

"The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc, so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing

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SCCM 2007 – OSD Configuration – Task Sequence WMI Query for Lenovo ThinkPads October 25, 2012 MikeL Leave a comment During the imaging process, it becomes necessary to provide WMI queries within task sequences in order to differentiate between computer models

Is_Virtual_Machine in SCCM database is not showing properly

There’s a new field in v_R_system view on SCCM 2012 SQL database named Is_Virtual_Machine It is really easier when it’s time to target virtual machines with this field instead using manufacturer, model or v_GS_Virtual_Machine under SCCM 2007

DexterPOSH's Blog: SCCM 2007 + PowerShell - WMI is the key

Well in the quest of automating ConfigMgr 07WMI is the key Now this post isn't a primer on how to use WMI with PowerShell

SCCM 2007 R2 – Chassis Types and query based Collections

SQL Query You should run the following SQL query against the SMS/SCCM database to spit out an entire list of machines on your network with their Chassis Type and Manufacturer

Common WMI queries I have found useful | ivan's blog

Here is a quick snippet of where I use a WMI query to retrieve the Manufacturer and Model for the current machine using VB Script: ' Sets computer name to the current computer name strComputer = ""

collection Query/ Report to get computer Model/Serial

Create a New report and paste the below query with prompt asking for computer name: select aname0 ,bSerialNumber0,cmodel0 from v_R_System a,v_GS_PC_BIOS b,v

SCCM Device Collection for Windows 10 Computers

In this short post we will see the steps to create SCCM device collection for windows 10 computers A query is a specific set of instructions that extract information about a defined set of objects

WMI in ConfigMgr | Looking Inside System Center 2012

WMI in ConfigMgr ConfigMgr uses WMI extensively for both client and server operations The ConfigMgr client uses WMI for internal control of its own operations and for gathering hardware inventory